Horror Cartoon Movies

Whenever I’m in a bad mood, I would open my laptop and search for a nice cartoon movie. It helps me forget my problems and escape reality for a while. I was a little bit surprised and disappointed with two cartoon movies I’ve seen recently. Perhaps, it was my fault that I did not check the plot before I watched these movies but I still believe that these kind of films are not suitable for young audiences.




When Coraline feels neglected by her workaholic parents, she decided to explore their new home, an old, huge, dilapidated apartment. While exploring the house, Coraline finds a small door sealed by a brick wall. She later dreamed about the same door where  a mouse woke her up and she followed it to the small door which leads to the Other World, a parallel world where everything is perfect and where her parents pay attention to her. All the people surrounding her have a more entertaining version in the Other world, however, their eyes are buttons and not real ones.

Despite of warnings from her neighbour and a black, stray cat, the only creature who can cross the other world from the real world, Coraline continues to go to the Other World at night to escape the boredom of real life. When the Other Mother invited her to live in the Other World forever, she must decide if she stays in the Other world with her perfect parents in exchange of sewing buttons on her eyes, like the eyes of everyone from the Other World. When Coraline demanded to return home, the Other Mother angrily reveals her true self. Coraline realized that the Other World is not perfect after all.

Monter House


When Dj’s best friend Chowder’s ball accidentally landed on Mr. Nebbercracker’s lawn, an elderly neighbour who hates children, DJ tried to retrieve it only to be caught by their grumpy neighbour. During the confrontation, Mr. Nebbercracker, unfortunately had a heart attack and was taken away by an ambulance. Now, there are stories about the old house of Mr. Nebbercracker being haunted and while investigating the mysterious disappearance of the people who vanished outside the old house, DJ and Chowder found themselves trapped inside.

Well, they’re not as scary as a typical horror film I’ve seen but they are still creepy and I’m sure I won’t be able to stand watching these movies if I watch it as a kid. Moral lesson: Try to do a bit of research before watching a movie. It will spoil some scenes but at least you know what to expect.


*This post was retrieved from my old blog written on Jul. 1, 2013.

Art of The Devil 2


This is a story about a teacher ,who decided to seek revenge using black magic. Ta’s mother died when he was young and his father remarried his teacher, Miss Panor.He used to date his friend, Kim, who is now dating one of their friends, Por. In their last year at school, Por had a secret relationship with Miss Panor. He later discovered that he wasn’t the only guy in Miss Panor’s life. Aside from being married to Ta’s father, she’s also having an affair with the school’s coach.Por’s jealousy pushed him to tell Ta about the affair and encouraged him and their friends to film Miss Panor in order to prove her infidelities to Ta’s father. The coach sexually abused the group in a gunpoint after discovering that they were the one responsible for the video being broadcast in the entire school.

The students asked a monk’s help for revenge, who agreed to use his power to curse the coach. Unknown to his friends, Por went back to the monk and asked him to curse Miss Panor too. The coach died in a fishing boat, accidentally stabbing himself on a fish hook. Embarrassed at her sexual exploits being revealed, Miss Panor went in a remote area, away from the city.

The story begins two years after this event. After receiving the news that Ta’s father committed suicide, the group decided to visit Ta’s hometown and offer their sympathy to Miss Panor.

Upon arriving, the group was greeted politely by Miss Panor and Ta’s grandmother. Noot then received a cellphone call from her secret boyfriend who wanted to see her. She bid her friends goodbye and went back to the city.

The group was not aware that in her secret cottage, Miss Panor has corpses with a photo of each student. Every corpse represents a student and they were used by Miss Panor to curse the group.

The group experienced Miss Panor’s wrath while discovering each other’s secret. They later found out that Noot didn’t leave Miss Panor’s place and her flesh was served to them for dinner. In the end, only Kim and Ta were rescued but Miss Panor was no where to be found.

In the hospital, Kim was visited by a smiling Ta and the two decided to forget the horrible incident and start with their new life together. Kim turned the T.V. on and a news flashed in the screen,reporting the incident in Miss Panor’s cottage.Dead bodies were discovered in Miss Panor’s hut and one of them belongs to Ta.

Kim witnessed Ta turned into a burned corspe. He explained to Kim what really happened to him and confessed to her that the group was lured by Ta’s vengeful spirit to visit Miss Panor in order to experience the pain he went through since all of them were responsible for the curse, but he chose to save Kim because of his lingering feelings for her. Horrified, Kim ended her life by jumping off the building.

*I was fifteen when I first saw this film. It was 11:00 in the evening and I was in a bus terminal, waiting for the 12 am trip. I was having a conversation with my mom, trying to pass the time when I heard a loud scream from a distant booth. It turned out that the workers were watching a horror film. I don’t usually watch horror movies at night but I suddenly became interested, not in the movie, but in the cute guy watching inside the ticket booth. He was probably the most handsome guy I have ever seen in my entire life. So I decided to stay in my post and watch the movie with them.

The movie became my favorite. It wasn’t frightening enough to give me sleepless nights ( or probably because my mind was not focusing in the movie the time I saw it) but for me, its purpose is not only to scare the viewers but to serve as a warning that revenge can backfire. Once you have made a decision to use black magic against your enemy, you have to be responsible for your actions and face the consequences.

Ta’s heartfelt effort to save Kim despite his determination to revenge his tragic fate shows how powerful love is. Anger may take over one’s heart but love will always be there.

One of these days, I will find time to watch the movie again. Although I’m not certain if I will have the courage to watch it alone.

The Clique


When Massie Block learned that the Lyons are coming to their mansion, she was less than thrilled. First, their arrival ruined her night since she was planning to attend a party with her friends but was forced to stay home and eat dinner with the newly arrived guests. The Lyons were invited by Massie’s parents to stay in their guest’ house while they were looking for a permanent place to live since they just moved from Florida and Claire, the Lyons’ daughter, would be going to the same school with Massie. But Claire Lyons didn’t meet Massie’s approval. She thinks she’s too plain and doesn’t have a good fashion sense. She certainly doesn’t belong to the clique.

At first, Claire tried to fit in her new school by changing the way she dressed up. But Massie and her friends, Alicia, Kristen and Dylan, made everything difficult for her. Wanting so much to be ‘one of them’, Claire made a plan to ruin Massie’s relationship with her friends. Soon, Massie’s friends started hanging out with her and ignored Massie completely. But they immediately found out that Claire hacked Massie’s IM account and pretended to be Massie to make her friends mad at her. Alicia, Kristen and Dylan kicked Claire out of the group and started hanging out with Massie again, and of course, Massie treated Claire worse than before. Claire did find a true friend with Lane, who is also being treated as an out cast but didn’t try to change just for people to like her.

In the end, Claire learned that in order to be accepted, you must stay true to yourself and embrace who you are, and Massie realized how quick her friends are willing to trade her for a new pal. She then confessed to Claire that the reason why she was being bitch to her is she is insecure with Claire and sees her as a major threat. She also answered the question her friend asked Claire during a sleep over, ‘would you rather be the friendless loser or have a bunch of friends who secretly hates you?’ Massie said that she’d rather be the friendless loser.

This is a simple yet inspiring story about friendship and being who you are. True friends will always be there for you despite of your imperfections. Don’t waste your time trying to please everybody. Remember that life is not a popularity contest.



Jill Brenner, together with her fifth grade classmates made a laughing stock out of Linda Fischer, an overweight girl in class. Linda gave a report about whales during their class individual report and was given the nickname ‘Blubber’ by their classmate, Wendy.

Jill joined the leader of bullying, Wendy,who was also the class president and her best friend Caroline in tormenting Linda, forcing her to say ‘I’am Blubber, the smelly whale of class 206′ and embarrassing her in front of the whole class.

When Linda was hurt in a game, Jill was asked to accompany her to the nurse’s office. Linda confronted Jill about the bullying and threatened her that she will find ways to revenge.

On Halloween night, Jill and her best friend Tracy Wu, played a prank on their old, mean neighbor, Mr. Machinist by putting raw, rotten eggs in his mailbox. Later, they were identified in the photo taken by Mr. Machinist on the Halloween night and were asked to rake the leaves in his backyard.

Jill remembered the threat of Linda and suspected her as the one who informed Mr. Machinist about them. Tracy thinks that it was Caroline and Wendy who told on them since they met the two on Halloween night and told them about the prank.

It made Wendy furious, thinking that Tracy was accusing her. Jill, who didn’t want to cross Wendy,suggested to have a trial. However, the trial didn’t go well.Jill had an argument with Wendy and found herself being the new bullying victim. Wendy made the whole class turned against her, including Linda, who was once bullied by Jill, was more than willing to torment her. She was given the nickname B.B. meaning baby Brenner and Wendy once pinned a diaper on her chair.

Instead of defending herself, Jill decided not to fight back and just laugh with their jokes. She managed to gain her classmates’ respect by showing what a good sports she could be. She stayed strong and seemingly unaffected by their teasing, although she was hurt deep inside. An incident in the girl’s bathroom made Caroline realized that Wendy doesn’t consider her as her best friend anymore and walked out on her. The classroom was tensed, some things changed and some went back the way it used to be. Linda went back on being alone, although no one is making fun of her anymore. Caroline and Wendy drifted apart and started hanging out with other girls. Jill found a friend in Rochelle, the new girl in class who never take part in the bullying. She still considers Tracy as her best friend and was thankful that although others are always changing their best friends, she and Tracy are not like them.

This book was my favorite when I was around fourteen. Although I was old enough to read romantic novels, I still preferred reading children’s book as they tackle issues that I experienced as a child. Judy Bloom was one of my favorite author back then. I’m proud of Jill for not letting herself be a victim of bullying. As people say, sometimes having enemies doesn’t mean that you are a bad person, it means that once in your life, you stood up for what you think is right.

I highly recommend this book along other stories from Judy Blume as they tackle childhood issues like bullying, fear and the struggles of growing up. If you’re looking for a gift to your middle school child, this book is perfect.

Amazing Kpop Songs From Disbanded Groups

I’ve only been a kpop fan for about five years and although most second generation kpop groups have not disbanded at that time, they were not active as before. I’ve witnessed the disbandment of my ultimate girl group 2ne1 and although it was a heartbreaking experience for a new fan like me as I didn’t get the chance to support them long enough, I knew it was inevitable and it’s not a reason to stop supporting kpop as a whole.

But there are groups that I’ve just discovered recently and I would have become a huge fan if  only I had the chance to listen to their songs before they disbanded. I wanted to ask myself what was I doing all those times? Where was my kpop guardian angel to guide me?

Anyway, I made a list of my top 5 favorite songs from disbanded groups to commemorate the legacy they have left.

5. Janus   Boyfriend                                                                                                                                               boyfriend_starship

4.Turn me back     1Punch


3. I’m Ill   Hello Venus  


2. Nobody  Wonder Girls                                                                                                                                      wonder_girls-2008_korea_food_expo_06

1. Go away      2ne1


Runner up:

Monalisa  MBLAQ


*Photos are not mine, unless stated. Credits to the rightful owner.

Call me Emperor

I’ve been addicted to Chinese historical dramas lately and became very interested with the secret life of the royals in the forbidden city. Even in manga and webtoons, I prefer to read stories with historical theme. I was very excited when I saw some game applications in google play store with the same concept.

I downloaded an emperor themed game a couple of months ago and have been playing religiously. Call me Emperor was developed by Clicktouch Co., Ltd. and is available for free at Google play store. It’s an RPG game where you will be given the chance to experience the life of an emperor.


As the emperor, you’ll have a great number of responsibilities.


There’s a daily quest that you must fulfill in order to earn points with corresponding rewards.


You also need to collect levies from the people and gather silver, soldiers and grains. You need them to join battles and increase your power in order to move to the next level and open other areas of the game.



The imperial academy is where you can increase the level of your ministers with silver and promote them. You can also use books and potential fruits to improve minister’s potential.



You can also gain new heroines, confidante and emperor costumes during recruit events.


Ministers can obtain growth and skill points in the grand council hall.


This is the alliance hall and realm where you can donate to the alliance to increase power. You can exchange the points you earn for new equipment in the alliance shop. I’m actually the leader of our alliance. Hihihi!


This is the harem, home of the emperor’s consorts.


These are gifts to be given to the consort to increase the intimacy EXP.  You can also increase the harem experience of a consort by bestowing etiquette, scheme and charm packs in order for her to be promoted.



These are consorts you can get from the Palace Cuju, an event that happens once a week.


Consorts also attend tea parties.


You can also purchase gold coins with real money in order to obtain other benefits that are not available in a regular account. These are consorts you can marry when you upgrade into VIP.


I upgraded my account into VIP 2 and got consort Diaochan as a reward.















That was smooth, Dude!



There was a short story flashing whenever the emperor meets a consort. It’s cool how they created the story line. Maybe, I can write my own palace story based on the characters of this game.

Anyway, this is the banquet hall where the emperor attends banquet events. You can also host your own banquet.



The emperor can go for a cruise in this area to visit his kingdom and meet new consorts.


This is the foreign ministry where the emperor receives gifts from other nations’ envoys. After collecting the gems, you can trade it for scheme, etiquette, talent and charm pacts.



This is the education room where royal children are being educated. One of them will be the future crown prince and he will stay in the crown prince mansion. Other grown up princes and princesses will be transferred to the marriage hall.



This is the treasury where my inventories are being kept.


This is a cool game you can play to pass the time. But if you’re looking for  a more challenging game with plenty of interaction among players, I’m afraid it’s not the right game for you. But you can give it a try and tell me what you think.