Call me Emperor

I’ve been addicted to Chinese historical dramas lately and became very interested with the secret life of the royals in the forbidden city. Even in manga and webtoons, I prefer to read stories with historical theme. I was very excited when I saw some game applications in google play store with the same concept.

I downloaded an emperor themed game a couple of months ago and have been playing religiously. Call me Emperor was developed by Clicktouch Co., Ltd. and is available for free at Google play store. It’s an RPG game where you will be given the chance to experience the life of an emperor.

As the emperor, you’ll have a great number of responsibilities.


There’s a daily quest that you must fulfill in order to earn points with corresponding rewards.


You also need to collect levies from the people and gather silver, soldiers and grains. You need them to join battles and increase your power in order to move to the next level and open other areas of the game.



The imperial academy is where you can increase the level of your ministers with silver and promote them. You can also use books and potential fruits to improve minister’s potential.



You can also gain new heroines, confidante and emperor costumes during recruit events.


Ministers can obtain growth and skill points in the grand council hall.


This is the alliance hall and realm where you can donate to the alliance to increase power. You can exchange the points you earn for new equipment in the alliance shop. I’m actually the leader of our alliance. Hihihi!


This is the harem, home of the emperor’s consorts.


These are gifts to be given to the consort to increase the intimacy EXP.  You can also increase the harem experience of a consort by bestowing etiquette, scheme and charm packs in order for her to be promoted.


These are consorts you can get from the Palace Cuju, an event that happens once a week.


Consorts also attend tea parties.


You can also purchase gold coins with real money in order to obtain other benefits that are not available in a regular account. These are consorts you can marry when you upgrade into VIP.


I upgraded my account into VIP 2 and got consort Diaochan as a reward.

That was smooth, Dude!

There was a short story flashing whenever the emperor meets a consort. It’s cool how they created the story line. Maybe, I can write my own palace story based on the characters of this game.

Anyway, this is the banquet hall where the emperor attends banquet events. You can also host your own banquet.



The emperor can go for a cruise in this area to visit his kingdom and meet new consorts.


This is the foreign ministry where the emperor receives gifts from other nations’ envoys. After collecting the gems, you can trade it for scheme, etiquette, talent and charm pacts.



This is the education room where royal children are being educated. One of them will be the future crown prince and he will stay in the crown prince mansion. Other grown up princes and princesses will be transferred to the marriage hall.



This is the treasury where my inventories are being kept.


This is a cool game you can play to pass the time. But if you’re looking for  a more challenging game with plenty of interaction among players, I’m afraid it’s not the right game for you. But you can give it a try and tell me what you think.