Art of The Devil 2


This is a story about a teacher ,who decided to seek revenge using black magic. Ta’s mother died when he was young and his father remarried his teacher, Miss Panor.He used to date his friend, Kim, who is now dating one of their friends, Por. In their last year at school, Por had a secret relationship with Miss Panor. He later discovered that he wasn’t the only guy in Miss Panor’s life. Aside from being married to Ta’s father, she’s also having an affair with the school’s coach.Por’s jealousy pushed him to tell Ta about the affair and encouraged him and their friends to film Miss Panor in order to prove her infidelities to Ta’s father. The coach sexually abused the group in a gunpoint after discovering that they were the one responsible for the video being broadcast in the entire school.

The students asked a monk’s help for revenge, who agreed to use his power to curse the coach. Unknown to his friends, Por went back to the monk and asked him to curse Miss Panor too. The coach died in a fishing boat, accidentally stabbing himself on a fish hook. Embarrassed at her sexual exploits being revealed, Miss Panor went in a remote area, away from the city.

The story begins two years after this event. After receiving the news that Ta’s father committed suicide, the group decided to visit Ta’s hometown and offer their sympathy to Miss Panor.

Upon arriving, the group was greeted politely by Miss Panor and Ta’s grandmother. Noot then received a cellphone call from her secret boyfriend who wanted to see her. She bid her friends goodbye and went back to the city.

The group was not aware that in her secret cottage, Miss Panor has corpses with a photo of each student. Every corpse represents a student and they were used by Miss Panor to curse the group.

The group experienced Miss Panor’s wrath while discovering each other’s secret. They later found out that Noot didn’t leave Miss Panor’s place and her flesh was served to them for dinner. In the end, only Kim and Ta were rescued but Miss Panor was no where to be found.

In the hospital, Kim was visited by a smiling Ta and the two decided to forget the horrible incident and start with their new life together. Kim turned the T.V. on and a news flashed in the screen,reporting the incident in Miss Panor’s cottage.Dead bodies were discovered in Miss Panor’s hut and one of them belongs to Ta.

Kim witnessed Ta turned into a burned corspe. He explained to Kim what really happened to him and confessed to her that the group was lured by Ta’s vengeful spirit to visit Miss Panor in order to experience the pain he went through since all of them were responsible for the curse, but he chose to save Kim because of his lingering feelings for her. Horrified, Kim ended her life by jumping off the building.

*I was fifteen when I first saw this film. It was 11:00 in the evening and I was in a bus terminal, waiting for the 12 am trip. I was having a conversation with my mom, trying to pass the time when I heard a loud scream from a distant booth. It turned out that the workers were watching a horror film. I don’t usually watch horror movies at night but I suddenly became interested, not in the movie, but in the cute guy watching inside the ticket booth. He was probably the most handsome guy I have ever seen in my entire life. So I decided to stay in my post and watch the movie with them.

The movie became my favorite. It wasn’t frightening enough to give me sleepless nights ( or probably because my mind was not focusing in the movie the time I saw it) but for me, its purpose is not only to scare the viewers but to serve as a warning that revenge can backfire. Once you have made a decision to use black magic against your enemy, you have to be responsible for your actions and face the consequences.

Ta’s heartfelt effort to save Kim despite his determination to revenge his tragic fate shows how powerful love is. Anger may take over one’s heart but love will always be there.

One of these days, I will find time to watch the movie again. Although I’m not certain if I will have the courage to watch it alone.

The Clique


When Massie Block learned that the Lyons are coming to their mansion, she was less than thrilled. First, their arrival ruined her night since she was planning to attend a party with her friends but was forced to stay home and eat dinner with the newly arrived guests. The Lyons were invited by Massie’s parents to stay in their guest’ house while they were looking for a permanent place to live since they just moved from Florida and Claire, the Lyons’ daughter, would be going to the same school with Massie. But Claire Lyons didn’t meet Massie’s approval. She thinks she’s too plain and doesn’t have a good fashion sense. She certainly doesn’t belong to the clique.

At first, Claire tried to fit in her new school by changing the way she dressed up. But Massie and her friends, Alicia, Kristen and Dylan, made everything difficult for her. Wanting so much to be ‘one of them’, Claire made a plan to ruin Massie’s relationship with her friends. Soon, Massie’s friends started hanging out with her and ignored Massie completely. But they immediately found out that Claire hacked Massie’s IM account and pretended to be Massie to make her friends mad at her. Alicia, Kristen and Dylan kicked Claire out of the group and started hanging out with Massie again, and of course, Massie treated Claire worse than before. Claire did find a true friend with Lane, who is also being treated as an out cast but didn’t try to change just for people to like her.

In the end, Claire learned that in order to be accepted, you must stay true to yourself and embrace who you are, and Massie realized how quick her friends are willing to trade her for a new pal. She then confessed to Claire that the reason why she was being bitch to her is she is insecure with Claire and sees her as a major threat. She also answered the question her friend asked Claire during a sleep over, ‘would you rather be the friendless loser or have a bunch of friends who secretly hates you?’ Massie said that she’d rather be the friendless loser.

This is a simple yet inspiring story about friendship and being who you are. True friends will always be there for you despite of your imperfections. Don’t waste your time trying to please everybody. Remember that life is not a popularity contest.


Legends of the Guardians

This is a story of a young owl, Soren who was taken to a canyon land together with other young owls to be treated as slaves. His brother Kludd, who was captured with him was trained to become a soldier of the pure ones, a group of evil owl rebellion. With the help of Grimble, one of Soren’s captor, who was secretly disloyal to the queen, Soren managed to escape with Gylfie. Grimble sacrificed his life for the young ones to escape and begin their search for the great tree of Ga’hoole and warn the guardians about the plan of the pure ones.

The love for power is the obvious reason why Kludd did not hesitate to betray his brother in order to win the affection of the Queen. I somehow understand Kludd’s jealousy over Soren. But in a deeper sense, I think Kludd just needed praise and recognition. It is difficult to be compared to someone else, especially to your brother and although there was no real competition, Kludd’s determination to surpass Soren’s ability to fly and his longing to  gain recognition motivated him to stand by the evil force.

Parents should be sensitive when giving criticism as well as praise to their kids as it may lead to jealousy and rivalry among siblings. All children should be encouraged to do their best regardless of their abilities.


*This post was retrieved from my old blog. 

Crimson Peak

            Crimson Peak is a gothic romance, set during the Victorian era, that tells the story of young, budding writer, Edith who fell inlove with Baronet Thomas Sharpe, barely aware of his terrible past. This is a wonderful movie that will make viewers symphatize with all the characters and is definitely worth watching.

My favorite character is Lucille, although she’s supposed to be the villain in the movie. I could feel her desire to protect the only precious thing she has, Thomas, who unfortunately fell inlove with someone else. I would lose my sanity too if that ever happens to me. It was the first time I cried during a horror movie.

“The horror was for love. Things we do for love like this are ugly, mad, full of sweat and regret… It is a monstrous love, and it makes monsters of us all.” This statement from Lucille made me feel for her even more and think that this is hers and Thomas’ tragic lovestory and not with Edith. For me, it wasn’t the ghost that made it scary, it’s the thought that you could do everything for someone and still be left behind once they’ve found someone new.

I would have watched it on the big screen but the movie was already pulled out from local cinema. I’m hoping for a sequel though, and would surely buy the novel version. Tom Hiddleston, the guy who played Thomas Sharpe, should also be credited for his outstanding performance.

*This post was retrieved from my old blog.



Anastasia is an animated film inspired by the story of the grand duchess Anastasia of Russia, the youngest daughter of the last imperial family of Russia, who was believed to escape from the abduction of her family. The film began in the palace of the royal family, where Anastasia’s grandmother visited from France and left Anastasia a gift of music box and necklace with a script saying ”together in paris”.

 Suddenly, a sorcerer with a strong hatred to the Romanov family due to being exiled by Anastasia’s father, started a revolution and killed the Romanov family. Only Anastasia and her grandmother were able to escape with the help of a servant boy. But the two were separated when they were trying to climb in a moving train. Anastasia fell and hit her head, losing her memory. 

 The grand duchess Anastasia and her grandmother were reunited at the end of the story. The sorcerer who sold his soul to the devil in desperation to finish the entire member of the Romanov family was defeated  with the help of the servant boy who is now a grown up man and became Anastasia’s love interest in the movie. 

 I’ve heard of this movie when I was little but I became interested in the movie when I learned that it was inspired by the story of the last imperial family of Russia. Obviously, the movie was created for kids so most of the scenes were not from the actual event in the Romanov’s history. I know the movie has a happy ending but it made me sad knowing that in reality, the grand duchess Anastasia did not really escape from the horrible fate of her family. Her body was found in another grave after long years of speculation that she was still  alive. Perhaps in real world, life of a princess is far from fairy tale.

The Lorax

 The Lorax is an animated movie based on the children’s book of Dr. Seuss.The movie relates the story of a twelve year old boy, Ted Wiggins who lives in Thneedville. Except for the people, everything in the city is made of plastic and metal including artificial trees and plants. Due to a strong desire to impress his crush, Audrey, Ted went to search for a real living tree, as Audrey’s greatest wish was to see a living tree growing in her backyard. His grandmother told him to look for the Once-ler, the man who knew what happened to the trees if he wanted to have one. Following his grandmother’s suggestion, Ted went out of town and discovered the situation outside their city wall. The Once-ler was surprised to see Ted and yet amazed to hear that someone still cares about trees. The Once-ler told the story of his successful invention that evolved in a huge business, which was the reason why the trees were all gone. Ted continued to visit the Once-ler in spite of threats received from Mr O’ hare, the richest man in town who accumulated his fortune from selling fresh air with the absence of trees. Mr. O’hare considered the trees as threats to his successful business as trees provide oxygen for free. The Once-ler gave Ted the last Truffula seed with a mission to convince the citizen of Thneedville how significant trees are. 

 This is one of the best movie I’ve ever seen. I know I’m old enough to watch Disney and animated films but I actually prefer watching children’s film than romantic ones as these movies often have moral lessons and hilarious scenes. We should once in a while remember our childhood by watching children’s movie as they teach important lessons that adults sometimes fail to see and appreciate. 

The Lorax is one of the best film to be watched by kids for them to learn the importance of nature at an early age. It’s hard to accept that there will come a time that trees will only be a memory and everything will be replaced by new technology. It’s difficult to imagine that in the future, we have to buy air in plastic bottles. 

 Aside from the great message of the movie, it also includes hilarious scenes and characters. I absolutely love Pipsqueak and I have to admit that the Oak-amatic, an artificial tree with its own remote and disco, is pretty cool. I still prefer a real tree though but I wonder if Truffula trees do really exist because I would love to see one. 

 “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,

Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” 

 ― Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

 “It’s not about what it is, it’s about what it can become.” 

 ― Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

 When a guy does something stupid once, well that’s because he’s a guy. But if he does the same stupid thing twice, that’s usually to impress some girl.