Introducing life through writing.

Stories and opinions about pop culture, novels and everything under the sun.

About me:

A despicable minion, addicted to coffee, fascinated with volcanoes, shipwrecked and anything mysterious.

I survived the Titanic ( movie), an  asiandrama fan and a book panda.


  1. Being fascinated with volcanoes, I wonder how did you feel during the latest eruption of Taal. Hehe.

    1. I was very surprised because I visited Taal before the eruption ( around first week of September). The view was amazing and it was so peaceful. I even took a picture with one of the horses. It was indeed a memorable experience. It was actually my first time to visit a volcano. I remember being hesitant to proceed with the tour as it was a bit pricey (2k for the boat ride if I remember correctly). But my partner insisted that we should go and offered to pay for me. Hihihi! He said that it’s once in a lifetime experience and we don’t know when we’re going to have the chance to visit Tagaytay again. ( We’re both ofws and we were on vacation in Tagaytay at that time). I’m glad I listened to him.

      We were shocked and sad at the same time when we heard the news.

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